Monday, 19 September 2016

The Powerful Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus

Hye you alls,

The Powerful Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus l Today is Monday and I am back on track again after cheat-all-the time for 1 week (because it's holiday given by UiTM last week and I must go back home and lastly my diet became uncontrolled!). However, I feel lucky because I don't have any class in the afternoon today, then I decided to go to gym for workout. Missed so much to have a lot of sweat and become so eager after stalking and watching Nana Al Haleq's videos on Instagram.

That's why today is my longest time in the gym. I think I spent for about 3 hours. Yeaaaa.. I am serious. No kidding. Am I tired? Of course not because I have Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Pre-Workout Formula with me, instead I feel I have a lot of energy and try every single machine there except machine that related to load (I just can't). Huhu.

Anyway, my beloved readers, of course many of you will ask  what's inside in this pre-workout formula? Is that safe for us to consume? How much calories on it? How the taste? and so on..

Okay, let me tell you..

It's all natural ingredients which it's a mixed of fruit flavour and definitely NO preservatives, food stabilisers and chemicals. It's just contain of L-Argine, Creatine, L-Carnitine, BCAAs, and caffeine. But the most ingredients that we should focus are BCAAs and caffeine. 

BCAAs helps us to have more muscle energy and higher muscle protein synthesis. Other than that, increase muscle development, recovery and lean body mask, besides improve performance and endurance. Then, caffein soar with a boost of energy and strengh, instead of deliver rapid and dramatic results (good news for those who can't drink coffee, horray!). If you want to workout, the need of caffein is a must (for me) because it's a kick start of metabolism and take endurance into another level. So, it's really WOW!

The happiest news about this pre-workout formula is 0g of sugar, calories and carbs. So, basically, this pre-workout formula will not affect on your any kind of diet that you do. So, yeayyyy! 

The suggestion use for a dietary supplement, just take 1/2 scoop of Hybrid 30-45 minutes before your workout with 100 ml-150 ml water of your favourite fruit juice. However, not consume more than 2 servings per day.

But for me, I think it tastes better if you put it with fruit juice. However, as you know me, I am so lazy so I just put with plain water, hehe. Then, ready for workout beb!

So, that's it. If you are not getting this pre workout formula yet, please get it REFER THIS LINK if you want to have better quality of workout.


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