Sunday, 11 September 2016

Booster your energy with Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula

Hye guys!

Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula Booster Energy l Thanks to Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula because I manage to lose 5 kg more since I am back on track, 1 September 2016. However, it's officially 17 kg so far (based on my weight last year). Like seriously? 5 kg in a week?

It's not difficult actually. Diet+workout. Although I am always cheat this week but I cover with exercise. Yes, I do workout everyday, the maximum is 2 hours. It's not possible as long as you have energy.

To have the energy, it's really important for you to eat something before you workout. For me, it is easier to take supplement pre-workout because it's absorb faster and gain energy. That's the reason Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula is my choice.

Since my first posting, many of my friends and readers ask me the price and how they can get this supplement?

It's just RM104.94 only and you can get it in any website (refer links below).

More information:
Promotion : refer and pm to official Facebook

Please also giving the product's rating and comment at:


That's it! Can't wait for better result. Daaa~ :D

Love, xoxo.
Haneeza Mohamad

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