Friday, 23 September 2016

Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus - What For?

Heyy guys,

Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus - What For? l Happy Friday! Yaaa, love Friday so much as it is the beginning of a great weekend. Nobody hates holiday, right?


Today, I want to talk more on the usage of Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Pre-Workout Formula. Well, right now, I am consuming this product for better quality in my workout. And yeah, I really really really love this!

Hybrid is a potent pre-workout performance enhancer and great energy source for working muscles and creates a positive impact on performance. It is formulated to maximize the most important components required to improve your workout. It is also enhancing fat oxidation and train harder for longer periods without fatigue.

This hybrid's power charged formula arms your body to meet higher energy demands. This goes for both high intensity training as well as endurance training. Not only boosts your body's ability to stay energized for longer and more intense training sessions but also allows for faster recovery leading to a better workout every time.

Hybrid is the ultimate pre-workout formula for all serious athletes or people who train hard to archive some goals for their body (like me! haha). For your info, it's really explosive product because it contains EXPLOSIVE ENERGY, EXPLOSIVE ENDURANCE and EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH.

That's why I take Hybrid as it gives me so much stamina, a lot of energy and great endurance to prevent any injury while workout especially cardio training such as run in a treadmill. Well, for people like me who has heavy weight, run is one of hardest physical training for me and more expose to injury, instead of prevent myself to get tired easily.

Do you know that? In Malaysia, Zainal Ariff and Ray Leow are the body builder champions who take Hybrid in their training because they believe that this product boosts their strength.

So, it's clearly that you should and must have Hybrid in your workout.

How to get this product? REFER THIS LINK.

That's it! Bye-bye.


Monday, 19 September 2016

The Powerful Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus

Hye you alls,

The Powerful Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus l Today is Monday and I am back on track again after cheat-all-the time for 1 week (because it's holiday given by UiTM last week and I must go back home and lastly my diet became uncontrolled!). However, I feel lucky because I don't have any class in the afternoon today, then I decided to go to gym for workout. Missed so much to have a lot of sweat and become so eager after stalking and watching Nana Al Haleq's videos on Instagram.

That's why today is my longest time in the gym. I think I spent for about 3 hours. Yeaaaa.. I am serious. No kidding. Am I tired? Of course not because I have Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Pre-Workout Formula with me, instead I feel I have a lot of energy and try every single machine there except machine that related to load (I just can't). Huhu.

Anyway, my beloved readers, of course many of you will ask  what's inside in this pre-workout formula? Is that safe for us to consume? How much calories on it? How the taste? and so on..

Okay, let me tell you..

It's all natural ingredients which it's a mixed of fruit flavour and definitely NO preservatives, food stabilisers and chemicals. It's just contain of L-Argine, Creatine, L-Carnitine, BCAAs, and caffeine. But the most ingredients that we should focus are BCAAs and caffeine. 

BCAAs helps us to have more muscle energy and higher muscle protein synthesis. Other than that, increase muscle development, recovery and lean body mask, besides improve performance and endurance. Then, caffein soar with a boost of energy and strengh, instead of deliver rapid and dramatic results (good news for those who can't drink coffee, horray!). If you want to workout, the need of caffein is a must (for me) because it's a kick start of metabolism and take endurance into another level. So, it's really WOW!

The happiest news about this pre-workout formula is 0g of sugar, calories and carbs. So, basically, this pre-workout formula will not affect on your any kind of diet that you do. So, yeayyyy! 

The suggestion use for a dietary supplement, just take 1/2 scoop of Hybrid 30-45 minutes before your workout with 100 ml-150 ml water of your favourite fruit juice. However, not consume more than 2 servings per day.

But for me, I think it tastes better if you put it with fruit juice. However, as you know me, I am so lazy so I just put with plain water, hehe. Then, ready for workout beb!

So, that's it. If you are not getting this pre workout formula yet, please get it REFER THIS LINK if you want to have better quality of workout.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Takoyaki Paling Sedap Di Muar

Hai semua.

Takoyaki Paling Sedap Di Muar l Dah lama kan Neeza tak review makanan. Maklumlah sibuk dekat fitness, last-last kelaut juga seminggu ini, :-P By the way, masa duduk dekat rumah hari itu sempena cuti semester (lepas raya sehingga akhir Ogos), Neeza berpeluang mencuba rasa takoyaki yang dijual tak jauh dari rumah Neeza. Depan taman je okay! :3

Sebelum ini, Neeza pernahlah usha-usha timeline kawan-kawan dan group anak Muar, takoyaki itu memang sedap. Seingat Neeza lah, Neeza ada baca komen yang gerai takoyaki ini satu-satunya di Muar. I am not really sure of it. Ada juga yang bagi komen, beritahu yang owner ini pernah duduk di Jepun jadinya rasa takoyaki dia hampir nak sama dengan rasa sebenar takoyaki.

Itu yang buat Neeza rasa nak cuba sangat kesedapan takoyaki ini. Mula-mula eceh macam tak nak try sebab busy diet masa cuti semester itu, tapi cakap dekat diri sendiri "sebelum balik Shah Alam, tak salah nak cuba kan? Cheat sekali jelah"


Pada satu petang beberapa hari sebelum Neeza bertolak ke Shah Alam, punyalah gigih jalan kaki and seberang jalan. Maklumlah I kan rajin sangat nak menghadap kesesakan jalan raya itu. Gerai itu terletak di tepi Jalan Temenggung Ahmad, landmark Petron dan bekas Mahkamah Majistret. Alaaaa, bertentangan dengan pasaraya Green dan restoran Norsiah. Alaaa nampak banner, itulah dia. 

Bila sampai, terus order nak 1 bungkus, alaaaa, jadilah, cheat pun berpada-padalah. Mak pula jenis makanan Jepun makanan Korea or makanan oversea tak berapa sangat, rasanya Neeza seorang jer yang suka mencuba makanan lain daripada lain ini. Tapi janganlah bagi aku daging harimau masak bolognese, memang aku tak makanlah. :P 

Dalam satu bungkus itu ada 4 biji takoyaki, serius besar beb. Lagi besar yang Neeza beli dekat Shah Alam ini. Harganya RM5 untuk 1 set. Memang berbaloi sangat harga dia dengan bahan-bahan yang dia bagi banyak. Penuh dalam mulut beb. Terangkat lagi-lagi bila makan panas-panas. Rasa kenyal bancuhan tepung dan sotong itu sebati dengan bahan-bahan itu terus sos mayonis dia, bila makan, cair dalam mulut, perghhh.. serius sedap. Topping dia muai kot, banyak betul. I loikeee

Serius Neeza cakap, takoyaki ini memang paling sedap yang pernah Neeza beli sebelum ini *masa takoyaki ini mula-mula nak viral dedulu*. Betul lah kata orang, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri *entah betul ke entah tak peribahasa aku ini*. Neeza pun memula macam tak percaya dekat Muar ini dah ada takoyaki. Huhu.

Masa beli takoyaki, pekerja and owner dia okay ramah and senyum. Lagipun tidak ambil masa lama nak siapkan order. Pantas. Cuma janganlah panggil I hakak, deepnya, terasa tua. :')) Okay, #sisgurau jer. Haha.

Haaa! Rasanya pemilik gerai ini pun ada buat servis penghantaran ke premis/rumah dan catering untuk takoyaki ini. Bolehlah korang contact dia sendiri *dekat Muar jelah kot*. Okaylah itu sahaja yang Neeza nak review hari ini. Orang Muar should try this. Rugi beb kalau tak reti makan. Huhu.

Gerai : 11:00am-6:30pm 
Cod : 12:00pm-6:30pm

Selamat mencuba!

Salam sayang.

p/s: Ini merupakan review ikhlas dari pemilik blog, tidak disponsor oleh mana-mana pihak.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Booster your energy with Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula

Hye guys!

Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula Booster Energy l Thanks to Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula because I manage to lose 5 kg more since I am back on track, 1 September 2016. However, it's officially 17 kg so far (based on my weight last year). Like seriously? 5 kg in a week?

It's not difficult actually. Diet+workout. Although I am always cheat this week but I cover with exercise. Yes, I do workout everyday, the maximum is 2 hours. It's not possible as long as you have energy.

To have the energy, it's really important for you to eat something before you workout. For me, it is easier to take supplement pre-workout because it's absorb faster and gain energy. That's the reason Matrix Hybrid Amino Plus Formula is my choice.

Since my first posting, many of my friends and readers ask me the price and how they can get this supplement?

It's just RM104.94 only and you can get it in any website (refer links below).

More information:
Promotion : refer and pm to official Facebook

Please also giving the product's rating and comment at:


That's it! Can't wait for better result. Daaa~ :D

Love, xoxo.
Haneeza Mohamad

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Neeza di Akhbar Berita Harian, Bahagian Skor Didik, Ruangan Blogger Remaja!

Assalammualaikum dan hai semua.

Sebenarnya dah lama dah cerita nih, ruangan pada 17 Ogos 2016. Huhu, maklumlah, iolls kan dekat rumah di Johor, so tak ada internet, itu yang peram lama tu. Hehe. Tapi adalah Neeza update dekat Instagram dan Facebook.

Actually, I segan tapi nak juga ceritalah, haha. Tak sangka blog Neeza ini berpeluang juga dapat masuk surat khabar macam blogger-blogger lain juga. Memang teringin dah lama dah, kihkih, tapi sekarang baru ada rezeki, itu pun secara tak tersengaja.

Actually Neeza ada classmate yang merupakan seorang penulis novel dan juga blogger iaitu Syazwani. Wani ada risik-risik dekat Neeza masa kelas presentation (kebetulan I bentang pasal blog I, haha), "Do yo want to be interview?" masa itu terkejut aihhhh. Rupanya Wani rapat dengan wartawan itu and ask for my permission to give my number to her. Coincidentally, she's looking for any blogger who under 21 years old.

Wani pun berpeluang untuk masuk dalam ruangan Blogger Remaja, Bahagian Skor Didik itu cuma lebih awal dalam 3-4 minggu sebelum Neeza. Tahniah Wani! :)

Dan juga blogger rapat yang Neeza sering pergi review bersama masa Ramadhan lalu, Alja, pun masuk dalam ruangan yang SAMA!! Ruangan untuk Alja seminggu sebelum Neeza. Cuma dia ditemuramah oleh wartawan seorang lagi. Apapun tahniah gurlsss. :D

Tak sangka pula bila upload dekat Facebook itu pun sebagai cover photo, dapat 100++likes, dan ramai yang wish tahniah. Thanks guys!

Anyway, thank you kak Nas for your impressive writing about me. Thank you again for giving me such an opportunity to be featured in this column. From my deepest heart, I am really really and really appreciate it.

Okaylah, itu je yang Neeza nak bagitahu hari ini.

Salam sayang.

Friday, 2 September 2016

MATRIX HYBRID Amino Plus Formula~ Get it burn!

Assalammualaikum and hi eveybody.

It's second day of September! A good day for starting your diet and workout must be in your list wish to have slim and nice toned body.It's not perfect if you workout only. Taking supplement before workout is really really and really help you. Seriously, I am also getting excited to try this pre-workout formula. MATRIX HYBRID Amino Plus Formula.

So far, after 2 days I tried this pre-workout formula, I feel so energetic than usual. What I mean, in these 2 months I just workout without taking any supplement, for 1 hour workout, doing cardio training in the gym, at the first 20 minutes, I was tired already. I need to take plain water to recovery and my workout a little bit useless as I am only work on the water loss. But after I took MATRIX HYBRID Amino Plus Formula, it takes longer time to feel tired and exhausted. The important part, my workout is not wasted any and more quality. Hooray! I can't wait for 1 month result and archieve my target. Huhu. #wakemeupbeforeseptemberends

For sure, many of you will ask, is it good? What's ingredient inside MATRIX HYBRID Amino Plus Formula? How much calories on it? What's the other benefit of it? Is there any promotion for this pre-workout formula?


I will tell you more in my next entry..

Jeng.. jeng..

Wait for it okay?


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