Sunday, 14 August 2016

Bancream Cover Gel- My Best Companion

Hye guys! :D

Based on my previous post, many people ask me about my secret on losing weight. Well, although, it is not really much but they said I am a little bit slimmer than before. Really? Huhu.

Truthfully, I focus on my weight loss and follow so-so strict diet. Huhu. My ex coach once said to me in order to succeed, you need 80% of meal plan and 20% of exercise. Yes, I really take care of my meal plan right now. But 20% is also really important, right?

Yes, the unexpected Neeza is doing exercise @ workout nowadays. Haha. My mom's bicycle machine is my victim.  You do not believe me? Check my instagram and follow @neeza02 as I keep posting how well I used that machine. Sometimes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and so on. 

Instead of cycling, I am also active in home workout such as plank, jumping jacks, lunges and etc. Now I can do well in 1 minute plank for few sets although at first, it was crazy and hell for me to do that and achieve only 30 seconds. Deserve you right! Well, in January 2016, it took me a long time to do 1 minute plank, and when I was already fit to it, I stopped. Yeah, Neeza is always Neeza. :-p

What makes me loves to do workout, this is because Bancream Cover Gel. The all-natural way to slimmer you! It's my favourite companion~ For some people, they focused on cellulite. Alhamdulillah, I do not have much cellulite although I am a fatty girl. Hey, having cellulite is not only just occurs to fat people you know. The skinny people also can have that problem as well.

In my case, I pay attention more to boost my metabolism. I think I have low metabolic rate and the only way to solve this by exercise! Yes, exercise. But Neeza, as you know, has a big greed. Well. She thinks it is not pretty enough for her to workout only. Haha. So, the fatty girl try to use Bancream Cover Gel as it contains Carnitine, Ivy Extract and Caffeine. Oh yeah! I don't need to drink bitter single Americano to get the caffeine supply (True fact-caffeine boost your metabolism especially during workout!)

For effective use, I will apply Bancream Cover Gel after I take bath whether in the morning (before I do the workout) and night (before I go to sleep) because the cream will absorb faster. The best part of Bancream is the scent is very nice, cool and not hot at all. I used some other lotion before, but most of them make my skin irritated because of the hot and burning sensation. Seriously, hell. But not longer with Bancream. I really love using this product, serious talk!

It is not enough with long describing without an effective result. So, I compared myself before I started my diet (the picture was taken during Iftar event for Denai Hati) and after 4 weeks (latest picture when I went hangout with my best friend Anis on 11th August 2016-had photo shoot so I brought two attires). 

For my wrist, yes, I lost a lot about 4 inch (maybe because I put wrist trimmer as well). Just arm and thighs, it is pretty hard, it just only 1-2 inch because of unsaturated fat that I keep for a long time before. I think I need to use Bancream and workout continuously for better achievement and more curvy. Haha. Yeah, that's it!

So, for more info and detail about Bancream Cover Gel, search:

Available at: Watson and Guardian 

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