Thursday, 2 June 2016

When Puberty Hit Me?

Hye peeps!

Yesterday, viral on people who posted their comparison during school and after school. Kah! Don't believe? See HERE!

When my crazy bitcy behaviour comes... 

Left: 17 years old and Right: 21 years old

OMG, how funny my looks during school days. Serious la weyyyy, is it me?? Because during my school days, my friends comforted me with this sweet words 
"kau tahu tak, kau dikira paling putih tau, bersyukur Neeza bersyukur"
"rilex ahh, tak payah kelam sangat, lepas SPM kan cuti panjang"
Well, during school days, if I said I was active in koko (marching), I guess not, just, represent for district level, opening for sports day and for competition, it was just in school level only, at least. Haha, Or, because I loves cycling and do a lot of walking #alwaysleftbyschoolvan. Or because of we don't have much skincare and can't afford it, yaaa, maybe?

Alaaaaa, we were not like kids nowdays who really care with Instagram, Snapchat and whatever social media. Just Facebook and Twitter. Not much filter apps, the most famous handphone that time, for touch screen, Samsung Corby and other Samsung (oh, I can't remember that name). 

We don't ever care to be flawless and whitest unless in either options, you are really famous for the whole school/district level (other schools as well especially boy school) or you are in bitch group or you have already got a boyfriend. That's my time laaaaa. Haha. So I chose to play happily in the field :p (not so happily since I'd been paksarela, HAHA ).

Don't ask me what skincare I used because I always change my facial wash and I never use day cream and night cream since many people around me, not encourage me to use those cream although sometimes my heart rebel for it. Kah!

So, that's it. I love to play-play grid some pictures since my mood swing like a pendulum right now (since tomorrow, I will go back to Shah Alam). Haaaaa! Nearly forget that. Never take and use these picture as testimony for selling any products yaaaaa. Thank you. Bye~ :)

p/s: now, target to lose weight this fasting month, can't wait for the comparison, old me and new me. wish me luck :-p

Heartfully, Neeza.

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