Sunday, 12 June 2016

Spicy Ramen Challenge Video

Hye guys.

menu for sahur :-p

Because of my past entry about spicy korean noodle challenge CLICK HERE! , many people are not satisfied with my statement, hahaha my friends also do not believe me, I can eat the ramen without any single drop of water or milk as I said to them it is not so spicy at all. Yeah, maybe I am a spicy lover, so I get used with any of spicy food. Well, not in a zone 'pedas ngaaaat-ngaaaaat' haha. Joking. :-p

So, that's it! I prove to you already haaaaaaaa.

orange lips so sexy meyy :-p

Happy watching. :D

p/s: so sorry with this not so well edited video since it is my first video (maybe last also) . actually  I scared that you are getting bored, so I made it super fast. Huhu. Actually I want to insert some song since youtube and facebook say that it's violated copyright, so yeah just a dull video. :(


Yesterday, this spicy korean noodle became viral again. There is one page claimed that this spicy korean noodle is not actually halal even with halal ceritifcate from KMF. In my personal opinion, do not believe on rumors quickly. Do not judge too quick before you get the real statement from the related parties.

I just want to know who is the real admin behind the page? Is he or she working with KMF? Yeah, maybe he or she has a good attention but maybe not. Real world nowadays. We never know.

Then, what is the function of KMF and Jakim for? What are the purposes of both organizations? If they do not work properly in revealing the truth as you claim, it's officially their responsibilities in akhirat to answer in front of Allah later. Right?

What if the rumors are not true? Definitely pity to many parties who struggle for monitoring and confirmation of the halal products. Farah Lee, wife of Ally Iskandar, said she has an experience in collaborating with KMF when she studied in Korea. EVIDENCE CLICK HERE! But if you are still feel doubtful with spicy ramen, so cannot do anything with it. Up to you. :) #whenexprelawsaysomething


  1. Hahaha Alja First makan Ramen, minum air seteguk dulu then baru makan. Bila dah seminggu dengan ramen je, pedas tuh dah sebati. Tp mmg org Johor makan pedas. Kalau tak pedas, tak ngat ngat lah jwbnya :p Hahaha

    1. pedas kejap je ramen ini, kalau makan tomyam memang cili padi itu setengah pun tak hilang-hilang pedas, haha :D kann, tak johor lah kalau tak makan pedas, hikhik :3

  2. Ya Allah baca entry ni lagi membuak2 nak makan. Sebab tgok org lain kecoh pedas2. Cane neeza ckp tak pedas? haha

    1. hahaha, trylaaaaaaa... pedas sikit je yang... tu pun kejap je, hihi:D

  3. tipikal melayu...
    menyusahkan benda yang senang..
    islam itu mudah ..
    kenapa nk menyusahkan..
    ke nak cari publisiti murahan..

    1. setuju... mudah sangat judge, then terus bash, share,viral.. #fenomenazamansekarang

  4. teringin pulak nak try ni hehehee tapi dah cari tak jumpa :(

    1. aah, hari tu ada baca komen, kawasan sabah sarawak susah nak jumpa unless beli online

  5. baru je beli but tak try lagi sbb bulan posa ni byk makanan lain sgt...will try & nak wat review jugak nanti


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