Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Missing The Old Days

Hye peeps!

Such a long time, I am not posted none of my heart feeling. Always food, review, travel and etc. Well, I do not have much things to say about my personal life which I think my life is absolutely boring. Haha. I am just a student who is busy right now with tons of assignments, quizzes and tests. It's week 13 already before the semester ends next week and final exams begin after that. Huh, such hectic week.

But that is not my point here. Actually, I just scrolled my photo gallery before iftar. Suddenly I looked on those photos.

choco cake
signature brownies

How much I miss the old days. Baking makes me happy. Seriously.

Suddenly I flashed back on the old days. Last year, while waiting for the submission to the university, I am still at home. Rather do nothing, it's better for me to find a job during fasting month. Luckily I got a job. It is my friend's bakery. Yeah, her family bakery. And it is not so far from my house which I can ride my bicycle to go there *near to my primary and secondary school, Convent girl's school*

Well, although the payment is just okay but the satisfaction, happiness and experience are much important. I do not have much stress to go to work and I learnt new things about "kuih raya" every day. Mostly I was in charge in making the shape of the cookies * learn to decorate as well* but sometimes I helped to do the dough and baked it. There is one day, I just the only worker who came to work and I did from B to Z to do the cookies. Love it.

I captured this when I worked alone, I think I worked on more than 10 kg of dough.
Done 17-18 days *not so well remember* I worked on the bakery, I saw status on FB *anak-anak Muar* that the lady *kak Salma* looked for worker to help her for 2 days in making of cake. I accepted it without thinking as I am not so good in decorating, haha. When I went to her house, it's so relieved that I only had to make brownies. Well, no need to decorate. Huhu. Just follow the recipes only. Yeah~ Well, kak Salma was actually in confinement (giving birth) then she got many orders from teachers. That's why she needed helper. Serious talk, working with kak Salma is pretty much fun as she is really kind and friendly. Get free brownies too! Oh, I love so much work with Kak Salma.

love so much brownies

When I was in rent house, I got chance to bake again as there were microwave and oven that provided by chief tenant. I really enjoyed baking as I think, every week I will bake something. Kah! But since my appealing of collage has been accepted, I am no longer bake anymore. I miss that moment, yeah. And that is the reason I change my genre from baking to food hunter which originally I want to bake and share recipes on my blog but lastly, full of food and review. Hehe.

For this year, I cannot go work in bakery since I still have classes and final exams during fasting month, and I will go back just a few days before Eid. And suddenly I got some ideas. Hehe. Do you want to know? Huhu. But please keep it secret from my mom. Haha. Well, normal things, mom scared that her beloved oven will be exploded by me. Boooooommmmmmm! *my mom's imagination I think* Huhu. But this year, I don't care. I want to bake! I want to bake! I want to bake! Haha.

My own birthday, make and eat it on my own, away from home *usually my siblings will treat me* either no boyfriend or husband to make surprise haha :-p
I think the end of my last paper before going back home, I will go shopping to buy the ingredients needed. Well, there is one bakery shop which sells in cheaper price since I have already become a member. Hihi. I am not yet thinking the recipes. Maybe on the study week since now I am really busy and can't think of anything. Hehe.

What recipes that I will do? Just wait and see. Huhu.

Bye-bye. Assalammualaikum.

p/s: tumbuk kang siapa cakap aku tak reti masak, haha :D

Haneeza Mohamad


  1. look nice :)

  2. perghhhh mengoda iman ...
    wahhh da pakai dot com ..
    nice 2..

    1. hehe.. belum rasa lagi kek tu :p
      aah, dah pakai domain dah,
      nak tingkatkan optimization balik huhu

  3. wahhh looks soo yummmy. now im craving for brownies haha

    1. hehe, yeah, me too, craving for that as well, :D


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