Friday, 17 June 2016

Kitaran Nadi

Hye peeps!

I am a pretty much excited now. Serious talk. Well, today, I am officially a poet. Yeayyy~ even though the book is published from the collection of poems created along with my co-curriculum classmates  but it makes me happy enough because my name is there. Huhu.

Actually we were been assigned by our instructor of literature appreciation class that we need to publish one book for the final project (each of us must submit 3 poems and compile). It's a biggest part of carry marks. And yes, finally, this is the outcome. Huhu.

Why 'Kitaran Nadi'?

Actually it's comes from the voting by all our classmates. It seems unique. So, all of us agree with the title.

You will never get this book anywhere since it is published under Pusat Kebudayaan UiTM. Only the poet (us) , instructor and the office will have it.

What the use of the book to be display there?

Some how there are researchers who will look for it. So, before submission, the instructor remind so many times that please, no plagiarism and whatnot because once it's published, we are subject to the law.

How about my poems? Where I got those ideas?

Basically, it is about heart. Yeah, the 3 poems, all related to love. Well, usually we create on something that pretty close to us, right? So, that is why I express my feeling to those poems. Hehe. But in a really sad way. Huhu. Sorry.

Want to read my poems?

Hehe, really shy about it because I am still amateur and not complicated enough compared to my other  friends. But I am still happy and satisfied because when I submitted my poems, the instructor approved without any corrections on those poems. Hihi. And of course happy it is my own piece of art. Never believe it I can do it! Kihkih.

Since yesterday is our last class of literature appreciation and we launched it, I felt really joyful. Although at first, I am never expect to be in this class. I registered  my co-curriculum subject very late actually. So, my favourite courses were already full and I just entered whatever that available that time. Then, I registered on this one course which I am not really remember its name. When the times to gather all students and divided into their each clubs or organisations, my ex classmates in the Semester 1 persuaded me to follow them (since the class was not full yet). Yeah, it's better than to be alone in a class that you never know at all. I straightly sign in student portal and change it. Hahaha.

Never expect that this class will produce a book because I never search about this subject. Far from my expectation. But finally have your own book, it is not bad instead get a very good experience to learn from instructor who's already produce a lot of poems and books. That's why I am really happy on it.

So, that's it. I have some more to say but maybe later I will share it. Right now I want to finish first my last assignments for tomorrow, the end of this semester. Huhu. Can't wait for it. Bye.

Your favourite poet :p Neeza.



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