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Iftar Buffet Enak KL @ Zomato

Hye alls,

Still thinking about where to eat or iftar? Do not want to western food? You want to try out the local Malaysian food? Look for an exclusive place for you and partner? Here is the place. Enak KL.

Last Wednesday, Alja (blogger and I went to Enak KL restaurant to try out the iftar buffet there. I never expect that in the middle of Star Hill, there was a local food restaurant. Well, you know, Star Hill is known with many famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Sephora and many more.

#partner in crime so happy while me, looking deeply at the store, huhu, face of hunger

Do you know that? It was really funny experience before I reached Enak KL because actually it is my first time in Star Hill. While Alja was not so really remembered the place, so both of us lost at first. Haha. We looked for Enak KL but suddenly we were in Sungai Wang and Lowyat. It is because of my misunderstanding of information and maps. Kihkih. Sorry yayang Alja. Heeee~

Enak KL is located in Star Hill Gallery which it is near to Pavilion. If you are using Monorel, just across the street and walk to the left side and go straight, you will see Farenheit 88. Star Hill Gallery is just beside the Farenheitt 88.

When we reached Enak KL, we really amazed and excited as it's unbelievable, as I mention earlier there is a Malaysian local food restaurant here as most of the restaurants provide western cuisine. The restaurant looks nice.Feel the Malay environment. From what I heard, the food stall is made and created from the chef. And I was like seriously? Clap hands for the chef because not only a good cook but creative at the same time.

What interesting about this restaurant is that most of the food that they serve are free from MSG. Yeayyy. Serious talk, when I tried out all the food, it nearly same with my mother's cooking, as my mom is not put MSG at all. For your information, the recipes are from the owner's ancient family and they are from Muar by the way. Yeayyy, Muar, same as mine, I can see that most of the food come from Johor such as laksa Johor, terung belado, rendang pandang, asam pedas, onde-onde and many more. That is why, when tried all of the food, my eyes nearly drop tears. I miss home and crave for hometown food as it is such a long time I am not coming back home. But luckily, Enak KL is there for me. Huhu.

Let's pictures talk...


Main course:


Friendly pose from chef :D

In my personal opinion, seriously, all the food are really delicious and the service are really great! Really really really happy about it. Very satisfied to eat in Enak KL on that day. Thanks Enak KL. :) So readers, try out! :D

Santapan Kampung Tradisi - Buffet Ramadhan 2016 - RM 85 only!

Restaurant: Enak KL 
Adress: Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100, Malaysia
Phone Number: 03-2141 8973 (booking & reservation)
Facebook: Enak KL
Instagram: @ enak_kl

Any way, you can see more reviews about Enak KL in Zomato apps. Thank you Zomato for #foodiemeetup. Anyway, you can download Zomato on Play store apps for android users or App Store for ios users. Besides that, if you want to look out for other good places to eat, please look on Zomato because this apps is really helpful, so sign in and enjoy the apps!

That's all from me. Bye.

Enak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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    1. yupp, suasana kampung :D yang buat stall itu chef tau, huhu

  2. Makanan buffetnya memang berbaloi sangat. Semua nampak sangat tempting! Nice place to break fast

    1. Aaah, berbaloi, makanan memang banyak boleh pilih. tak nak laksa johor, ada asam laksa utara, hehe. kalau kakitangan semua friendly. waiter pun jenis peka, air habis, terus datang serve. memang recommended :D

  3. assalamua'alaikum. wah wahhh bestnyaaa! eh awak saya follow sini, jom follow saya jugak. sambil tu click ads saya hee ^^ tysm


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