Sunday, 12 June 2016

Food of The Day #Part 3

Hye peeps!

Since we are in Ramadhan time, definitely there is no hi-tea since we wait for iftar in Maghrib. Yeahh, I just miss to eat Indulgence cake with coffee. Such a pleasant moment in the evening. Kihkih.

Definitely my choice in getting Indulgence cake is Secret Recipe. Do you know that in the evening, you will be charged for the slice of cake only. My friend *loyal fan of Secret Recipe, hehe* told me that you will get a free selected coffee or tea if you purchase a slice of cake. Yeah, promotion time, we think so. That's a Wow! Huhu. :D *thank you Secret Recipe*

A photo posted by Blogger NeezaOhNeeza (@neeza02) on

So, that's it! Bye. 

Sincerely, Neeza.


  1. Looks so Yummy!! oh I'm drooling over this laptop now..

  2. Chocolate indulgance always no 1 choice

  3. Tengok pun dah terserlah kesedapannya =)

    Jemput ke berkonsepkan Kaca mata vintage, sesuai digayakan dengan tudung atau shawl.

  4. Yes complete food of the day. its looks delicious and make a wonderful breakfast.

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