Friday, 3 June 2016

Food of The Day #Part 1

Hye peeps!

I just got an idea yesterday, I think it is unfair for myself, if whatever I eat, I just posted it on Instagram only while I really love my blog. Kah! It is so ticky statement. Hahaha. So, from now, I will update here as well, every time I eat something new and interesting (which I paid for it). Haha. And my loyal readers will be like cannot wait of my food of the day entry? Is it true? I guess? Huhu #sisperasan . However, if I really want to review, I will tell in other title and post. Hehe. Okay?

Yesterday, I had an event at The Mines Shopping Mall.We arrived there really early. We went to book's fair and we did not know what to do next. Then, we realized that we got really hungry since me and Afiq had just arrived from Muar that afternoon. Alja just followed us, huhu.

So, Afiq decided that she wanted to eat Sushi King. So, let's go! For me, I ordered for bento since I didn't feel to crave on sushi, just tempura only (no discount, waaaaa~ and it's pricey little bit for me). The name of my bento is Mixed Bento and I ordered Iced Lemon Tea as well (since I do not like green tea).

What's inside the bento, Neeza?

There's broiled salmon, deep fried chicken, mayonnaise iceberg lettuce, lemon, crabstick, deep fried fish cake, seasoned Japanese radish, deep fried fish served with steamed rice garnish with black sesame (source: HERE)

A photo posted by Blogger NeezaOhNeeza (@neeza02) on

Seriously, it is really delicious bento since everything inside this bento cooked perfectly.  And I really love Sushi King sweet soy sauce and I didn't realize that how much I put it. Because it increased my appetite. Ooops! Haha.

So, that's it. If you never try this bento, I guess you shoud try it since the price is quite affordable (one of the cheapest set).

That's all. Waiting for my next entry yaaaa.

Your heartfully,
Haneeza Mohamad


  1. Neeza...sedapnyaaa....
    Akk suka japanese bento gini

    1. sedap sebab bento macam ini ikan dan ayam dimasak.. hehe :D


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