Friday, 17 June 2016

Iftar Buffet Enak KL @ Zomato

Hye alls,

Still thinking about where to eat or iftar? Do not want to western food? You want to try out the local Malaysian food? Look for an exclusive place for you and partner? Here is the place. Enak KL.

Last Wednesday, Alja (blogger and I went to Enak KL restaurant to try out the iftar buffet there. I never expect that in the middle of Star Hill, there was a local food restaurant. Well, you know, Star Hill is known with many famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Sephora and many more.

#partner in crime so happy while me, looking deeply at the store, huhu, face of hunger

Do you know that? It was really funny experience before I reached Enak KL because actually it is my first time in Star Hill. While Alja was not so really remembered the place, so both of us lost at first. Haha. We looked for Enak KL but suddenly we were in Sungai Wang and Lowyat. It is because of my misunderstanding of information and maps. Kihkih. Sorry yayang Alja. Heeee~

Enak KL is located in Star Hill Gallery which it is near to Pavilion. If you are using Monorel, just across the street and walk to the left side and go straight, you will see Farenheit 88. Star Hill Gallery is just beside the Farenheitt 88.

When we reached Enak KL, we really amazed and excited as it's unbelievable, as I mention earlier there is a Malaysian local food restaurant here as most of the restaurants provide western cuisine. The restaurant looks nice.Feel the Malay environment. From what I heard, the food stall is made and created from the chef. And I was like seriously? Clap hands for the chef because not only a good cook but creative at the same time.

What interesting about this restaurant is that most of the food that they serve are free from MSG. Yeayyy. Serious talk, when I tried out all the food, it nearly same with my mother's cooking, as my mom is not put MSG at all. For your information, the recipes are from the owner's ancient family and they are from Muar by the way. Yeayyy, Muar, same as mine, I can see that most of the food come from Johor such as laksa Johor, terung belado, rendang pandang, asam pedas, onde-onde and many more. That is why, when tried all of the food, my eyes nearly drop tears. I miss home and crave for hometown food as it is such a long time I am not coming back home. But luckily, Enak KL is there for me. Huhu.

Let's pictures talk...


Main course:


Friendly pose from chef :D

In my personal opinion, seriously, all the food are really delicious and the service are really great! Really really really happy about it. Very satisfied to eat in Enak KL on that day. Thanks Enak KL. :) So readers, try out! :D

Santapan Kampung Tradisi - Buffet Ramadhan 2016 - RM 85 only!

Restaurant: Enak KL 
Adress: Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100, Malaysia
Phone Number: 03-2141 8973 (booking & reservation)
Facebook: Enak KL
Instagram: @ enak_kl

Any way, you can see more reviews about Enak KL in Zomato apps. Thank you Zomato for #foodiemeetup. Anyway, you can download Zomato on Play store apps for android users or App Store for ios users. Besides that, if you want to look out for other good places to eat, please look on Zomato because this apps is really helpful, so sign in and enjoy the apps!

That's all from me. Bye.

Enak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Congratulations To The Winners! Giveaway Ramadan 2016 By NurAlja

Hye guys!

On 15th June 2016, Nur Alja has announced the winners of the giveaway that organized by her in her blog, I am one of the sponsors in this giveaway, so first I want to congratulate to all the winners! Yeayyyy, alhamdulillah, it's your rezki in this fasting month.

Top up RM 5 (3 winners)

Anis Shafika -

The Zofiroh -

Nurul Atika Yunos -

Blog Review (3 winners)

Husna Zaidi -

Jia Felt Kreatif -

Nur Raihanah -

Bloglist (5 winners)

Lea Azleeya -

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Cahaya Ketinggian Kehalusan -

Maria Firdz

Congratulations again! But there are some announcements that I want to make.

For those who win for the top up, please contact and pm me via Facebook (Haneeza Mohamad). Any DM or comments in blog or Instagram or Twitter will not be entertained. By the way you have time until close date Sunday, 12.00 midnight.

Blog review. I will review it during my semester break this July (now I am really busy in preparing final exam, so sorry to take a long time). Once I published the entry, I will let you know.

All bloglist, I done it. See on my sidebar. :)

That's all I think. On the behalf of Nur Alja and all sponsors, thank you for participating in our giveaway. Nice to meet you all as well.



Kitaran Nadi

Hye peeps!

I am a pretty much excited now. Serious talk. Well, today, I am officially a poet. Yeayyy~ even though the book is published from the collection of poems created along with my co-curriculum classmates  but it makes me happy enough because my name is there. Huhu.

Actually we were been assigned by our instructor of literature appreciation class that we need to publish one book for the final project (each of us must submit 3 poems and compile). It's a biggest part of carry marks. And yes, finally, this is the outcome. Huhu.

Why 'Kitaran Nadi'?

Actually it's comes from the voting by all our classmates. It seems unique. So, all of us agree with the title.

You will never get this book anywhere since it is published under Pusat Kebudayaan UiTM. Only the poet (us) , instructor and the office will have it.

What the use of the book to be display there?

Some how there are researchers who will look for it. So, before submission, the instructor remind so many times that please, no plagiarism and whatnot because once it's published, we are subject to the law.

How about my poems? Where I got those ideas?

Basically, it is about heart. Yeah, the 3 poems, all related to love. Well, usually we create on something that pretty close to us, right? So, that is why I express my feeling to those poems. Hehe. But in a really sad way. Huhu. Sorry.

Want to read my poems?

Hehe, really shy about it because I am still amateur and not complicated enough compared to my other  friends. But I am still happy and satisfied because when I submitted my poems, the instructor approved without any corrections on those poems. Hihi. And of course happy it is my own piece of art. Never believe it I can do it! Kihkih.

Since yesterday is our last class of literature appreciation and we launched it, I felt really joyful. Although at first, I am never expect to be in this class. I registered  my co-curriculum subject very late actually. So, my favourite courses were already full and I just entered whatever that available that time. Then, I registered on this one course which I am not really remember its name. When the times to gather all students and divided into their each clubs or organisations, my ex classmates in the Semester 1 persuaded me to follow them (since the class was not full yet). Yeah, it's better than to be alone in a class that you never know at all. I straightly sign in student portal and change it. Hahaha.

Never expect that this class will produce a book because I never search about this subject. Far from my expectation. But finally have your own book, it is not bad instead get a very good experience to learn from instructor who's already produce a lot of poems and books. That's why I am really happy on it.

So, that's it. I have some more to say but maybe later I will share it. Right now I want to finish first my last assignments for tomorrow, the end of this semester. Huhu. Can't wait for it. Bye.

Your favourite poet :p Neeza.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Food of The Day #Part 3

Hye peeps!

Since we are in Ramadhan time, definitely there is no hi-tea since we wait for iftar in Maghrib. Yeahh, I just miss to eat Indulgence cake with coffee. Such a pleasant moment in the evening. Kihkih.

Definitely my choice in getting Indulgence cake is Secret Recipe. Do you know that in the evening, you will be charged for the slice of cake only. My friend *loyal fan of Secret Recipe, hehe* told me that you will get a free selected coffee or tea if you purchase a slice of cake. Yeah, promotion time, we think so. That's a Wow! Huhu. :D *thank you Secret Recipe*

A photo posted by Blogger NeezaOhNeeza (@neeza02) on

So, that's it! Bye. 

Sincerely, Neeza.

Spicy Ramen Challenge Video

Hye guys.

menu for sahur :-p

Because of my past entry about spicy korean noodle challenge CLICK HERE! , many people are not satisfied with my statement, hahaha my friends also do not believe me, I can eat the ramen without any single drop of water or milk as I said to them it is not so spicy at all. Yeah, maybe I am a spicy lover, so I get used with any of spicy food. Well, not in a zone 'pedas ngaaaat-ngaaaaat' haha. Joking. :-p

So, that's it! I prove to you already haaaaaaaa.

orange lips so sexy meyy :-p

Happy watching. :D

p/s: so sorry with this not so well edited video since it is my first video (maybe last also) . actually  I scared that you are getting bored, so I made it super fast. Huhu. Actually I want to insert some song since youtube and facebook say that it's violated copyright, so yeah just a dull video. :(


Yesterday, this spicy korean noodle became viral again. There is one page claimed that this spicy korean noodle is not actually halal even with halal ceritifcate from KMF. In my personal opinion, do not believe on rumors quickly. Do not judge too quick before you get the real statement from the related parties.

I just want to know who is the real admin behind the page? Is he or she working with KMF? Yeah, maybe he or she has a good attention but maybe not. Real world nowadays. We never know.

Then, what is the function of KMF and Jakim for? What are the purposes of both organizations? If they do not work properly in revealing the truth as you claim, it's officially their responsibilities in akhirat to answer in front of Allah later. Right?

What if the rumors are not true? Definitely pity to many parties who struggle for monitoring and confirmation of the halal products. Farah Lee, wife of Ally Iskandar, said she has an experience in collaborating with KMF when she studied in Korea. EVIDENCE CLICK HERE! But if you are still feel doubtful with spicy ramen, so cannot do anything with it. Up to you. :) #whenexprelawsaysomething

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Why stay single?

Hye guys.

nice view #tasikputrajaya #takadakaitandenganentri
First of all, nak beritahu awal-awal yang entry ini bukan nak tunjuk how desparate nak canang dekat 1 dunia yang 'Aku Masih Single'. Haha. No. I am just to share *since I rarely update my feeling in this blog* and at the same time, I want to answer the questions that people frequently ask me.

Kenapa masih single sampai sekarang?

Bohonglah kalau tak terusik kadang-kadang. Cuma kebanyakan masa dah tak terasa sebab dah terbiasa dapat soalan macam itu. Jawapan Neeza selalunya bunyi begini 'Kalau ada jodoh adalah, kalau tak ada jodoh tak apalah.' 

Mudah. Sebab kita tak tahu takdir kita macam mana sebab Allah yang tentukan. Mungkin kita akan bertemu cinta tapi kita tak akan memiliki. Mungkin kita akan melalui sama fasa seperti orang lain, bercinta dan berkahwin. Mungkin jodoh kita datang awal dan mungkin juga datang lambat. Tapi mungkin juga jodoh kita dah pergi terlebih dahulu. Dan mungkin kita akan bertemu jodoh di akhirat. Ya, life always full of probabilities. Just wait and see. Follow the flow.

Lagipun I am just 21 years old. Jauh lagi perjalanan hidup itu. Masih banyak lagi yang perlu explore. Cuma apa yang datang dalam hidup kita, kita kena terimalah. Tak payah nak bandingkan hidup kita dengan sesiapa, ya mungkin hidup dia lebih bertuah tapi bersyukurlah dengan aturan Allah.

Mustahil kau tak ada kenal siapa-siapa?

Yeah, I meet a lot of people. Cuma belum jumpa yang betul-betul boleh terima aku seadanya. Siapa yang kenal aku, mesti faham apa yang aku maksudkan. Aku tak macam sesetengah perempuan yang bertuah berjumpa dengan lelaki yang pandang hati dan boleh menerima aku dalam pelbagai versi. Tidak. Malah aku selalu jumpa lelaki yang hanya pandang paras rupa.

Dah itu kenapa tak usaha ubah kepada versi lain?

Ya, aku boleh ubah. Cuma belum masanya. aku tak nak bila aku ubah diri aku, ya, aku akan berjumpa dengan someone special, tapi si dia hanya kenal aku dalam versi itu sahaja. Bila aku kembali ke versi yang sebelumnya, aku takut, hati dia akan berubah dan pergi.

Tak pernah try ke untuk cuba kenal?

As I said, I meet a lot of people. But orang yang aku kenal itu mesti aku kenal dengan satu tempoh yang sekejap. Ya, dari satu sisi kenapa Neeza single ialah diri sendiri. Aku bukan perempuan yang mudah bila kenal sehari dah boleh terus ajak keluar makan. Tak. Aku akan sedaya upaya tolak ajakan itu. Aku nak kenal dulu siapa kau. Hati budi dulu. Bila aku dah selesa berkawan, barulah move step forward. Ini baru tolak sekali terus blah. Lantak. Haha.

Kadang-kadang juga, aku ini akan split personality. Heyyy, jangan ingat Neeza gila. Hihi. Tak. Maksud Neeza, kebanyakan yang pernah jumpa Neeza, untuk first time mesti akan cakap yang Neeza ini pendiam. Kadang-kadang-kadang senyum pun tak. Kadang-kadang kalau first time chat Neeza memang tak mesra alam. Memang. I am always like that. But kalau dah kenal Neeza dalam-dalam, tanya best friends, mesti akan kata, I am too far from the first time they met me. Heboh tak payah cerita *boleh nampak dalam blog ini, kihkih*.

From another perspective, I am looking for a guy who really put effort to get me *in a right track*. Bukan sahaja terima aku seadanya tapi terima keluarga aku dan bersungguh-sungguh nak aku jadikan aku milik dia yang sah. Bercinta dengan aku demi perkahwinan dan bukan main-main. Not as spare girlfriend or girlfriend. More than that. Yang betul-betul hargai aku dan hormati aku sebagai anak perempuan kepada ibu bapa aku serta nampaklah cara dia bersungguh-sungguh dapatan ikatan yang sah di sisi agama.

I am not looking for a really caring, macho, handsome, sado, or rich man. Cerita TV3 drama pukul 7 petang atau drama Astro Ria pukul 10 malam bolehlah nak berangan-angan tapi real life, hidup tak selalu indah. I am also not a type of girl who seeks for relationship goals. Zaman kanak-kanak ribena cinta-cinta monyet waktu sekolah bolehlah nak relationship goals bagai ini.Bila kita dah dewasa ini, kita nak cari orang yang boleh terima kita seadanya, yang boleh jaga kita elok-elok sepanjang hidup dia, dan teman dan berada di sisi kita ketika susah dan senang dan paling penting boleh bimbing kita ke arah keluarga sakinah dan mengejar bersama-sama cinta Pencipta kita, Allah SWT.

Jadinya ini sahajalah yang Neeza nak luahkan. Bila soal hati ini, memang jawapannya sangat complicated and tangled habis. It's undeniable. Kah! Okaylah, nak siapkan assignment dulu. Yeayyy, dah minggu ke 14, lepas itu final exam, then cuti *penat dah nak stay up*. Tazaaaaaaaabarnya, hahaha. Bye-bye.

p/s: selagi masih single ini, bolehlah tumpu dekat family, spend time dengan mak puas-puas, lepas itu boleh fokus belajar dan buat apa yang aku nak capai. huhu. #sisfikirpostif

Salam sayang, xoxo.

My Own Business Card

Hye peeps!

Excitednya iolss hari ni :D Nak tahu tak? Neeza dah ada business card sendiri tau. Yeayyy! Semalam tempah hari ini dah dapat dah. Saya suka! saya suka!

Bila duduk Shah Alam ini tak susah pun nak cari kedai printing, memang bersepahlah. Cuma, agak payah nak cari yang boleh siap cepat unless dah ada design sendiri. Sedangkan Neeza pergi ke salah satu kedai printing terbesar boleh siap 2 hari. :') Mungkin mereka sibuk kot sebab banyak tempahan. Husnudzon.

Jadi Neeza pergi ke kedai printing biasa je. Iolls pun tak lah demand nak design gempak-gempak sebab Neeza jenis simple orangnya, jadi nak card yang simple nampak professinal. Bila simple harga pun simple kan? Hikhik, hebat game kau Neeza *tepuk tangan*. Haha,:-p

So, that's it! Mula-mula nak ambil sekotak, tapi berkenan pula kedua-dua design yang akak itu buat. Satu nampak professional satu lagi nampak kreativiti. Design professional itu kita bagilah dekat PR or blogger-blogger otai. Yang design satu lagi bagi dekat blogger-blogger biasa macam kita je. Huhu.

Now, I am ready for any invitation! :D
Saja tak nak tunjuk design fully sebab nak bagi surprise! Hehe. Baru rasa eksklusif bila terima kad Neeza nanti tau. Ewah *perasan gileeeeeeee* Hahaha,

Kenapa Neeza buat business card ini? Okay, kalau korang perasan, lately Neeza aktif balik blog, dapatlah beberapa invitation. Bila pergi invitation untuk review, for sure you will meet many people, not only bloggers, PR, head departments, and etc. Bila tak ada card, in some extent, rasa macam no one lah. Neeza dapati bila kita ada kad sendiri and tukar kad dengan orang lain, it is one of the way to build and strengthen our network, walaupun kita hanyalah blogger biasa-biasa je *taklah setaraf blogger famous atau otai yang dah ada pengikut dan network sendiri*.

Okaylah, ini sahaja yang Neeza nak kongsikan hari ini. 

Salam sayang, xoxo.

Review KFC Raya Kari Kari Rangup

Hai semua! Assalammualaikum. Hehe.

Hari ini you alls berbuka apa? Mesti lazat-lazat, untunglah siapa yang duduk rumah itu dapat makan makanan homemade. I miss home #homesickdah sobbssss. Hihi, siapa yang beli dekat bazar pun mesti memacam menu yang you alls beli kan? Tentu sedap. 

Neeza? Berbuka apa hari ini?

Actually Neeza malas nak berbuka hari ini sebenarnya. Plan nak diet, wakaka. Just a joke, hihi. Hmm, rasa nak makan cornflakes madu #favouritesis tapi bila buka je kotak nak tengok, laaaaaa, dah habis rupanya. Petang tadi bersiap-siap lah keluar, haishhh, keluar juga. Haha. Lagipun Neeza nak pergi cari kedai printing untuk buat business card since banyak pula invitation yang Neeza dapat. Well, tak ada kad macam mana nak luaskan network kita kan? Huhu.

Sebelum settle cari kedai printing yang boleh siapkan kad itu esok, memandangkan dah nak malam, ehhh nak berbuka puasa dekat mana ini? Tengok Medan Selera Seksyen 2 tak banyak kedai yang buka, pergi bazar dekat belakang, macam tiada yang menarik, akhirnya kaki ini melangkah masuk dekat KFC.

kfc seksyen 2, while waiting for adzan maghrib
Mula-mula nak makan set dinner D itu je, tapi bila tengok menu, eh? eh? Ada menu barulah dari KFC iaitu KFC Raya Kari Kari Rangup. Ada nasi, ayam 2 ketul, coleslaw, okay jugak itu. Dah mula dah perasaan berbelah bagi Neeza nak makan set D ke nak makan KFC Raya Kari Kari Rangup. Kah!

Maklumlah set D itu hampir sama juga, cuma ayam spicy lah, kalau set menu baru itu, ayam rangup kari. Pening,pening. Last-last ikut kata hati dari aku craving teringat-ingat pasrah jelah beli hihi, lagipun beza berapa sen je pun. Hmm, biasanya kalau Neeza pilih set D, Neeza akan tukar air coke itu since Neeza memang tak boleh sangat minum air bergas. Bila tukar, biasalah, kena caj. Jadi macam tak ada beza sangat pun set D dengan KFC Raya Kari Kari Rangup ini. Kalau set baru ini, terus air mango tak payah tukar-tukar dah.

KFC Raya Kari Kari Rangup
Bila azan berkemundang, alhamdulillah, terus minum air mango. Air okay tak manis sangat dan tak tawar sangat. Just nice, rasa manis-manis buah. Neeza tak makan coleslaw, Neeza minta tukar kepada whipped potato, le favourite. Not bad, cuma dapat kurang kuah je. Then, rasa nasi pula, okay lembut masih panas lagi waktu itu. The crucial part is the chicken. Bila nak makan ayam itu, serius lembut je. Digoreng dengan baiklah. Ayam pun dapat saiz yang besar, alhamdulillah, hehe.

see lembut dan rangup, hehe
So, how the taste of the crispy curry chicken? Okay, first of all, bila you alls order, janganlah ingat, rasanya macam kari kedai mamak itu haaaaaa. Kuah kari limpah ruah. No! No! No! Actually, tepung ayam goreng itu ditambah dengan curry powder. Ada rasa rempah kari itu. Cuma nak kata pedas *tak tahulah orang lain tapi Neeza dah biasa makan pedas* bagi Neeza tak pedas sangat pun, biasa je, cuma ada rasa manis-manis juga. Sesuailah kalau kanak-kanak nak cuba menu baru ini.

Untuk keseluruhan, puas hati jugalah makan set baru ini. Bersesuaian dengan harga RM12.90. Sincerely, spicy chicken lagi walaaaa kot. Mungkin dah terbiasa makan spicy chicken. Hehe. Actually, I am waiting a long time, hoping that KFC akan keluarkan menu nasi ayam yang berkuah pula. Tak kiralah sup ke kuah lemak cili padi ke. Hihi. Tunggu jelah, one fine day~

So, that's all review for today. Yang mana belum cuba itu, trylah yaaaa, Hehe.

Salam sayang, xoxo,
Haneeza Mohamad

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