Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Invitation to Rina Salleh Clothing Fashion Show


As usual, back from class, instead of checking Facebook and Instagram *new account* I am also checking my email as well. Maklumlah dah nak final semester dua ini, kot-kot class rep email macam-macam segala sample test dan assignment. Fefeeling biasa je lah kan nak buka email itu. But not this time, OMG, really surprised beb. Tengok headline email, terus WOW! WOW!

If you are a fan of Rina Salleh Clothing, definitely you know that *in their official instagram* dalam masa terdekat ini, butik Rina Salleh Clothing akan melancarkan new collection ' Beat of La Donna' for Raya 2016 Collection in Kuala Lumpur.

For me, it's really amazing invitation. Because Rina Salleh Clothing is one of top names for muslimah branding especially in boutiques area Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Seriously, this is my first time I get the invitation for the fashion show since I become a blogger. For a mean time, I'd just involved with product reviews only. 

Unfortunately, it is a first invitation, but I think I can't make it. Why? It is because, the day of the fashion show, I have 5 hours classes *degree programmes*. Nak tuang, sayang sebabnya maklumlah nak akhir semester ini, nak discuss assignment dan test bagai *hectic*. Okay, ajak roomate, schoolmate yang minat fashion untuk jadi wakil pun tak dapat bagi comitment on that day atas urusan peribadi. Well, ajak sebab sayang nak tolak invitation ini. Huhu

Conclusionnya, pasrah jelah, tak dapat lah nak pergi ke fashion show itu walaupun nak sangaaaaat pergi.

To, Rina Salleh Clothing, thanks for the invitation but I am really sorry I can't make it. In future, if still get the invitation and have time for it, I will try to make it, In Shaa Allah. Because seriously, in my personal interest, I really adore your collections.

So, I think, that's all for today. For those bloggers yang dapat invitation itu, have fun guys! xoxo :3

Lot's of love,
Haneeza Mohamad


  1. Replies
    1. alhamdulillah tapi sayang tak dapat pergi, thank you dear :)

  2. Untunglah.. dapat duit share kt kita lah ye.. ehehe

  3. Me too! tak sempat g sebab baru touch down dari Melbourne!

    1. kan.. dahlah ramai blogger otai turun fashion show tu.. huhu


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