Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I am craving! Spicy Korean Noodle

Seriously?! I am never expecting that I will crave just of ramen. OMG. Last Saturday, I watched final episode of Wang's Family on Youtube. Then, I, accidentally opened one video of "Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge"by Zack Merican ft Aisyah Aziz.

Then, I continued to watch videos made by other vloggers who did the same challenge. Watching them eating the Spicy Korean Noodle made me craved on it. Waaa! :( Sincerely, I never try out this ramen before.

the most funny video of the challenge *i think*

Actually, on that Thursday, when I went back to college from my mid semester break, I went to Giant Shah Alam in Seksyen 13 to buy food stocks. Well, you know, I get a college which far far far away from food store. My college cafeteria? Nah. Never opened since ages. So, in case if I get hungry in midnight, at least I have some food stocks on my wardrobe. While, I walked around and around to look for dry food, I saw a corner of ramen! And I talked to my friend, Afiq (originally name is Afiqah, she is a girl okay).. 

"Ramen inilah yang famous itu".
But that time, I did not have intention to buy it because seriously it's too costly. RM25 just for one pack contain 5 packets (please have make sense Neeza, it is imported from Korea!). Sincerely, another side of me, saying that  "It's not worth enough for you to buy it" but another side me, "Just buy it laaaa". At the end, I just ignored the ramen.
Samyang Spicy Korean Noodle, I still doubt "pedas sangat ke?"
But now, I am really really really regretting for not buying that ramen since I am really craving on it! Haha. Never expecting that it will turn out like this. So, anyone, who willingly to buy it for me? :') Pleaseeeeeeee :D

Lots of love,
Haneeza Mohamad


  1. singgah sini.. tengok memang macam pedas jee..

  2. hahaha...just found out about this 'viral ramen' but it come along with some issues whether it is Halal or not. If it Halal, i want to try some too. its look tempting gilaaa..ahahahha jom visit entry terbaru AB Teacher, malaslah nak buat essay !


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