Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Brownies Walnut Topping Choco Indulgence

Lately, my baking mood always there. Since my head tenant of the house bought an oven (that is why I love my rent house, lol). Every weekend, I will bake especially brownies. Brownies is the easiest cake that I had ever baked. You don't have to worry about cake 'bantat' especially. The ingredients are very simple but costly of course. Haha. Because of Beryl's dark chocolate. And you do not need at all to use mixer, just a spoon. A SPOON okayhh. :-p

Here is some pictures of my piece of brownies art:-D

Next, so rajin lah sangat until made this sunquick cake

Alhamdulillah, setakat ini all the cakes I made, still can be eaten and turn nice <-bukan puji diri sendiri tapi orang katalah *friends and housemates said that why I am so rajin? :')*  Anyway I am still amateur. Still trying and trying all the recipes. Hehe. In Shaa Allah, I will try another recipe, maybe brownies with topping of caramel sauce. Seriously I tried of many times but still tak jadi. But recently my sifu bagi recipes caramel yang lagi lagi mudah, I will. Wait for next entry. Toddles.


Salam sayang.
-Haneeza Mohamad-
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